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Alvin Vavro

Alvin Vavro
  • Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education - SRU
  • Masters Degree in Education and elementary principal's certification - Westminster College
  • Elementary teacher - approx. 18 years
  • Elementary principal - approx. 18 years
  • Visual technician and visual designer for General Butler Vagabonds Drum Corps 1970-1980’s
  • Visual technician and visual designer for the Butler Intermediate High School Band in the 1980’s
  • Visual technician for the South Butler High School Band 
  • Visual technician for several performance groups in the Butler Area
  • Adjudicator with PFCJ - all visual captions since the inception of the PFCJ
  • DCI East adjudicator for several years
  • Have toured with the Cavaliers Drum Corps and Cadets Drum Corps as a volunteer in merchandising - approx. 16 years 
Mr. Vavro is currently on the Butler Board of School Directors