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From the PFCJ Operations Manual

The Pennsylvania Federation of Contest Judges believes that competition is a tool that is to be used to increase the realized potential of an individual or group.

With this statement as a foundation, it will be the goal of the PFCJ to provide competent, educated, unbiased, and well-rounded adjudicators for competitive events, clinics, critiques, and exhibitions. Our activity, as with all forms of art, has and will continue to evolve. Designers, instructors, performers and performances will continue to expand the boundaries of excellence. We as judges are placed in the position of identifying, by the use of our expertise and group effort, an order of excellence in a given competitive event. We use our knowledge of the activity to rate an organization's program based on a specific performance. We abide by the concept that creative standards and the arts are important; however, an attempt is made to inspire a balance of the fundamental needs of providing recognition and dignity for all participants.

We are organized to teach by example and administer the principle that PFCJ members are professionals in and out of the competitive arena. As professionals, we understand and encourage the need for continuous education in the activity. As stated earlier, the art form of the activity has and will continue to evolve. We must also continue to educate ourselves in the actual "doing" of the activity so that we can identify achievement. It is imperative that all members of PFCJ continually update themselves in the art form so that we can provide a level of excellence in judging that is befitting the efforts of the participants whose performance we adjudicate.

It is the intent of the Pennsylvania Federation of Contest Judges to treat every participant as an individual; therefore, all participants are regarded as worthy human beings, equally deserving of our valuable time, thoughts, and energies. Thus, the PFCJ does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, national origin, or cultural background. It is our belief that all programs start with an equal opportunity for success. Any phase of the marching music or winter pageantry experience can be one of the most total and significant educational events and sources of achievement in the development of a young person.


Eric Lauver
Executive Director

Associate Director

John Demkowicz

Mark Chamberlin
Visual Education Coordinator

Shawn Halquist
Music Education Coordinator
Immediate Past Executive Director

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